Some say that in desert warfare, the deadliest enemy is the desert itself. But anyone who says that must be lucky enough never to have faced Xaber in battle. He’ll kill you much quicker than any extreme temperatures, dehydration or sandstorms ever will.

Xaber has always been a capable soldier, but it wasn’t until a strange occurrence during an otherwise routine patrol that he was elevated literally head and shoulders above the rest. His unit discovered part of an ancient ruin poking out of a large dune and, daring to hope they’d finally found the lost city of Dahabi, began digging away at the sand around it. However, all they unearthed was a small tomb with a single sarcophagus inside. Xaber was the only one brave enough to open the sarcophagus and, when he did, he unleashed some strange ancient magic that made him grow to almost twice his normal size.

The effect wore off after a few minutes, but ever since then, Xaber takes on this giant form whenever he gets mad. This proves incredibly useful in the arena as his attack damage increases along with his size. He only wishes the effect could last more than 10 seconds at a time.

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