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Don’t be fooled by the pretty face, and the petals, and the butterflies. This dainty forest sprite doesn’t hold back when it comes to messing her opponents the hell up. Willow and her fellow Forest folk have to be ruthless and militant. If they weren’t, then their beautiful homeland would have been reduced to splinters and sawdust long ago.

So, Willow’s oneness with nature is not selective. She embraces nature in full; all of its beauty, its tranquility, its majesty, and all of its violence, brutality and callousness. The kind of nature that tears big holes in things so that their insides fall out; she’s at one with that. And the kind of nature that eats faces and pecks out eyeballs. That too.

Willow first rose to infamy two decades ago when she led a gang of saboteurs in burning down a whole series of inns, mills and farms built on land from which forest had been cleared. For a time, this made her a hero among her people.

But recently, even the Forest folk elders had become concerned regarding Willow’s insistence on expressing anger and disapproval by setting fire to things. They admired her spirit and conviction, but felt it was only a matter of time before her activism literally backfired, and she ended up burning half the Forest down. That’s why they selected her to represent the Forest in the arena. She now has an outlet for her aggression, and her people are safely rid of a walking fire hazard.

While she drives her arena Champions to fight with bloodthirsty savagery, Willow’s own contributions to battle are more supportive than aggressive. Champions under her command benefit from faster Mana regeneration, and from the waves of healing energy that emanate from her at regular intervals. Her powers allow Champions to survive longer and unleash their own special abilities more times per battle, so she combines well with Champions whose basic stats are weaker, but whose special abilities are more powerful. For this reason, Sorcerers of all Origins love Willow.