The Imperial legions are exceptionally well organized and disciplined, and trained to fight together as one, never as individuals. As such, it’s very difficult for an Imperial soldier to distinguish himself without being singled-out as some kind of free-thinking troublemaker. Victus is one of very few who’ve managed to do just that.

While most Imperial soldiers, despite training to the contrary, are inclined to show off the strength of their sword arm and the extent of their courage, Victus intuitively understands the vital role his trusty shield plays in Imperial battlefield tactics, and has learned to use it with exceptional skill.

In the arena his defensive prowess makes him the archetypal frontline Champion behind whom other, less hardy Champions can be safely protected. When his Defense is bolstered with Artifacts, synergies and the defensive boosts of other Champions and Legends, Victus can be almost impossible to take down.

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