Varduch earned his nickname, “The Butcher of Bolkanak”, because of his slightly unorthodox approach to destruction and slaughter. Much as he loved his enormous flaming greatsword, he could see some serious flaws in a Blademaster’s conventional approach to battle; namely rushing headlong among the enemy and getting killed really quickly. Varduch thought it would make much more sense to bring an enemy to himself, in among his own ranks. That way, the enemy could be the one to get surrounded and killed really quickly.

So he descended into the bowels of a volcano where he constructed a makeshift furnace and forged a crude hook on the end of a chain. This proved to be a perfect tool for “fishing”, enabling him to catch enemies and land them at his feet.

And thanks to his hook, Varduch is best deployed a little further back than most Blademasters, ideally surrounded by allies who’ll help him hack his victims to pieces as soon as he snatches them. It’s difficult to control exactly which enemy he’ll grab, but ideally he’ll select a powerful enemy Priest or Sorcerer, which can really turn the tide in his team’s favor.

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