When he awoke from his 2-million-year ice sleep, Stigur’s first priority was to find his family. He dug through the snow and ice for weeks, but could find no trace of them. However, he did tunnel so deep that he ended up in the heart of a glacier that pre-dated the ice age. And there he found the perfectly preserved remains of a long-extinct creature, the Sibercorn.

With the help of a touch of magic, Stigur thawed, revived and tamed the Sibercorn, and now roams the ice wastes far and wide, still seeking his lost family. Competing in the arena provides a welcome distraction from a search that he knows, deep in his cold, frosty heart, is almost certainly futile.

No special ability better represents the awesome power of Ice than Stigur’s. Encasing his target in ice, he renders them unable to move or attack, or even receive healing. All they can do is stand there taking freezing damage from the ice, completely unable to defend themselves.

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