Long ago, Sharkan went on a solo pilgrimage deep into the Jungle. There in the dark heart of the rainforest, he found a lion sculpted of stone so white it cast a soft glow upon the thick, gloomy foliage of its surroundings.

As soon as Sharkan stepped close, the lion came to life and attacked him. Sharkan fought back and after a long struggle he had the exhausted beast pinned to the ground, his blade at its throat. But he could not bring himself to slay such a magnificent creature, so he cast his sword aside and bowed humbly before it. In response, the lion spoke for the first time. It told Sharkan that its name was Basilus, and that from then on it would serve him as his battle steed.

These days, the duo bring their collective resilience and bravery into the arena. They’re able to draw enemy attacks onto themselves while greatly increasing their own Defense. This makes them great for protecting vulnerable ranged units, but they themselves need to be supported by healers, as high defense isn’t much use when Basilus has fallen and Sharkan is on low Health.

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