It is often said of cowards that they “jump at their own shadows” but anyone, even the bravest warrior, who’s ever faced Shadowcall in battle has every reason to be afraid of shadows looming behind them.

There are two problems with most Summoners. First, it’s difficult to get them to summon their minions in exactly the right place at exactly the right time; and second, one minion never really feels like quite enough. Shadowcall is the solution to both these problems. It Summons not one, but two Shadow fiends. These fiends effectively work like a pair of Assassins, only they’re deployed later in the battle, meaning their targets are much less likely to fight back. Also, Shadowcall spawns them directly behind the enemy with the lowest health, so at least one swift kill is all but guaranteed, often more. Although it is possible for Shadowcall to cast its summons a little too late in the battle, they’re usually very effective when enemy Champions are weakened and can be easily slain.

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