Even a sneaky, devious, backstabbing, murderous bunch like the Shadow fiends need muscle for protection, and that’s Shadowblade’s role. Whatever nasty business its fellow Shadows get up to, Shadowblade is never far away should things turn even nastier. If skulls need cracking, tongues need silencing, or kneecaps need shattering, then Shadowblade is just the thug for the job.

That said, Shadowblade is sneakier than the average thug. While it’s not averse to charging in shield up, sword waving, its favorite trick is to revert to a pure Shadow form for a few seconds, leaving its enemies flailing into the darkness, completely unable to hit it. The really fun part comes when it pops back to its physical form, spinning its blade violently as it does so. Any adjacent enemies not killed by the strike are left stunned, as well as understandably scared. It’s the kind of move Blademasters are known for but Shadowblade, being a Knight, is more likely to survive if it storms ahead of the frontline and gets itself surrounded.

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