Before being brought to life by powerful Forest magic, Ryfel stood for millions of years in the heart of the Forest, motionless and covered in moss. He was a rock. A really big rock.

Now though, he’s a warrior; still as tough as a rock, but able to move ever so slightly faster.

Being a giant walking rock makes Ryfel the ultimate defensive Champion. He has more Health and much higher Defense than any other Knight, but this is offset but his extremely slow speed. He moves so slowly that he absolutely must be deployed in the frontline, or else he’s unlikely to get involved in the battle at all. And his attacks are so slow that commanders shouldn’t expect him to inflict much damage on the enemy. No, Ryfel’s role is to absorb enemy attacks, drawing attention away from his less durable allies. He’s especially useful when supported by his Forest allies’ healing skills, and by lots of other defensive buffs. The ideal outcome when deploying Ryfel is that enemy Champions waste all their time and energy on trying to take him down while his allies flank them unchallenged.

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