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Quegan is a hero among the Desert’s frontline Knights thanks to his capacity to withstand attacks, protect his allies, and shake not just the nerves of his enemies, but their entire bodies.

As a teenager, Quegan dropped out of school in order to put his already exceptional upper body strength to work in the local stone quarry, where he discovered a remarkable knack for rock breaking.

The young quarryman was so efficient in turning stone into gravel that soon there was no rock left to break, which left Quegan without a job. Fortunately, this was at around the same time that an ambitious young Desert warrior named Nephesia was uniting the Desert tribes against the Empire and seeking new recruits for her rebel legions. Quegan swapped his sledgehammer for an axe, and discovered he could incapacitate ranks of enemies by hammering his weapon into the ground beneath their feet.

In the arena, Quegan is most effectively deployed in a centre-front position where he can stun the enemy frontline, allowing himself and his allies to unleash heavy damage upon them with ease.