The Desert Naziri are the oldest and most traditional order of Assassins in all Gladvald, and Poshtar is their deadliest operative. He joined the order as a child, performing simple errands – delivering messages, gathering information, conducting minor acts of sabotage – all the while mastering the art of staying quiet, remaining out of sight, and anticipating a target’s every move. By the time he reached manhood and began his Assassin training, he had already mastered most of the required skills. All his mentor needed to do was place a dagger in his hand.

The Naziri train their killers in the simplest, no-nonsense methods. Magic, ranged weapons, poison – these are all regarded as toys used by cowards and amateurs who don’t know how to wield a blade. Poshtar knows how to wield a blade better than anyone, and his approach to using it couldn’t be more straightforward. He gets in close and strikes a blow so swift and precise that his target lies dead within a split-second, never having known that Poshtar was even there.

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