Mythic Legends Wiki

Battles are fought in the Arenas on a battle board separated into tiles. Each tile supports one Champion. When the battle starts, Champions move around the battle board and fight opponents' Champions automatically. Arenas support two opposing teams / sides who fight each other.

Outcome of the battle depends on:

  • Number of Champions (the side with more Champions has an advantage)
  • Levels of Champions (the side with Champions that have been upgraded to higher levels has an advantage)
  • Placement of Champions (for example: placing Knights and Blademasters at the front and ranged units at the back is a common tactic)
  • Level of the Legend (the side with higher level Legend has an obvious advantage as higher level Legend supports more Champions on the battle board)
  • Rarity of Champions and the Legend (their power increases with rarity)
  • Synergies (the side with more and better developed class and origin synergies has an advantage)
  • Artifacts (the side with artefacts that are better suited to their Champions and the Legend has an advantage)

After every battle there are rewards available - either a choice of Artifacts or Champion and Legend Cards.

All the fighting, moving, casting of special abilities and artifacts is done automatically.