It would be reasonable to expect an Undead magic user to be a necromancer, able to raise his own army of skeletons and zombies to fight on his behalf. But Necronumos, afraid of being overthrown by a necromancer more powerful than himself, guards the necromantic arts jealously. So Omorto, the Undead Sorcerer, instead wields the magic of poison and decay, which is much less of a challenge to Necronumos’ dominance over the walking dead.

Omorto was once an alchemist who dreamed of discovering the secret to eternal life, but all he actually discovered was an explosive shortcut to an early grave. That he now serves his master as an Undead poisoner would be a cruel irony, but his brain is so badly rotted that he remembers nothing of life before his death.

Unfortunately for his foes, Omorto is an ideal vessel for Necronumos’ dark magic, and is particularly effective against enemies who rely on swiftness. This is because not only does his jet of slimy green venom damage the health of anything in its path, but also dramatically reduces both attack and movement speed.

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