Olavur has been plundering and pillaging since his father gave him a boat at the age of 12, and even before he reached manhood, he was among the most feared raiders in all Gladvald. Only his six older brothers were considered more dangerous than him, so he killed all of them to ensure there was no contest.

Ruthless and bloodthirsty Olavur may be, but he unwinds between violent rampages by writing poetry, many regarding him as the Ice people’s finest wordsmith. His most popular works include “Death Sentence”, “Dead Father” and “Pieces Of My Enemies”, none of which are currently included in the Imperial Library’s extensive collection of literary works. This omission, the Ice people feel, is a travesty.

In the arena Olavur is very much a no-frills Knight. His toughness and resilience are second only to Ryfel, but he isn’t hindered by the Forest Knight’s extremely slow speed. He’s also a very strong attacker, and his special ability is simply to strike with such increased reach and power that the force of the blow can smash two enemy Champions into the air. It’s all very straightforward, but reliable and effective.

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