When she was alive, Nera was married to Bill de Clare, the famous sharpshooter from the travelling Great Gander Fayre. She was his assistant as well as his wife, and the climax of every performance would see him shoot an apple off the top of her head from 100 paces. Every performance except the last one, which ended with her accidental death. But just because it was an accident, that doesn’t mean Nera has forgiven her widower. Or the rest of the living, for that matter.

The more intensely Nera hates the living, the more bile builds up inside her. When she’s got enough of it stocked up, she turns her bow to the sky and shoots an arrow infused with a green glow high into the air. This noxious shot returns to earth as pure bile, landing on the heads of three enemies at random. Given its random nature, it’s not an easy ability to put into strategic practice, but this makes it difficult to defend against too.

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