Mythic Legends Wiki

Nephesia was born in a tent to an ordinary family of the nomadic Ramli tribe. As a young girl she drew a lot of attention from boys, but only those willing to spar with her in combat training would get any attention in return. While other beautiful girls left trails of broken hearts in their wakes, Nephesia left a trail of broken bones.

After her first three husbands were killed in warfare, she decided to become a Desert warrior herself to see if she could improve the life expectancy of the men in her tribe. She quickly discovered that most Desert warriors were killed by other Desert warriors in skirmishes between rival tribes with long, historic rivalries. This, Nephasia concluded, was stupid, especially with the Empire aggressively expanding into the Desert region.

She pledged to unite the Desert tribes against the Empire and, being a charismatic leader and shrewd diplomat, she succeeded. After mounting a series of successful incursions into Imperial territory, she embarrassed the Empire into accepting her terms for a truce.

Nephesia’s effortless magnetism, gift for command, and tenacious attitude make her a perfect fit for the arena, and she’s risen to become one of its most popular and successful Legends. Her Champions attack with devastating speed, and facing them is said to be akin to riding into a furious sandstorm.

While her bladed staff is conventionally a hand-to-hand weapon, in the arena she keeps her distance and uses it for ranged attacks. In just one throw, it can do severe damage to as many as three enemy Champions.