Neitson was a street magician before the ice age. Ironically, he had once attempted a stunt whereby he’d remain encased in a block of ice for a full four days. Embarrassingly, he only managed three and a half days and the stunt was widely regarded as a failure.

He’s now survived being encased in ice for 2 million years, and still none of his compatriots are impressed, because they’ve all endured the same fate too. This bitter twist of fate is offset a great deal by the fact that the ice has transformed Neitson into the most powerful Ice Sorcerer Gladvald has ever known. He now draws bigger crowds in the arena than he ever played to as a magician.

Nietson still shows off as much as he ever did, though. Only these days his “showpiece” is as painful to his enemies as it is impressive to his fans. It’s also a tactically sharp move with two simultaneous effects. One cripples the opposing team by targeting the enemy with the highest Mana and, ideally at least, killing them before their Mana fills. The other protects Neitson himself by knocking back and stunning any enemies that have gotten too close.

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