He may have been a mighty warrior when he was alive, but Mort was apparently not quite mighty enough to avoid dying in battle. Still, he was buried in an opulent hero’s tomb, so he must have been doing something right until that fateful day. And this same tomb is where Necronumos found him, exhumed him, and brought him back to something vaguely resembling life.

Mort is built like a tombstone, making him much sturdier than might be expected of a corpse. But he’s just as smelly as would be expected. In fact, Mort’s stench is so exceptionally bad that he’s able to use it as a weapon. In the heat of battle he can release a huge green cloud of toxic gas, so potent it can choke his enemies to death. Like most people – dead or otherwise – Mort doesn’t mind the smell of his own. In fact, the more his stink harms his enemies, the more it revitalizes him, allowing him to keep fighting, all the while brewing up more gas.

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