While the Empire’s success in battle can mostly be attributed to the rigid discipline of its soldiers and the advanced tactics employed by its generals, the contribution of the Imperial Wizard’s Guild should not be underestimated. The Imperial academies and libraries are the very best in Gladvald, and grant access to knowledge and wisdom gathered from across the length and breadth of the realm, so the Empire can boast of some exceptionally powerful magic users. Most exceptional of all is Magus.

Not so long ago, Magus was a shy, awkward first-year pupil at the Imperial School of Elementary Illusion, but thanks to his gifted mind and studious work ethic, he was able to advance far ahead of his contemporaries. As his knowledge grew, so did his power, and ultimately so did his confidence.

Nowadays, Magus has harnessed the power of lightning so completely that his eyes flicker from the storms perpetually raging inside them. And in the arena he’s capable of calling down lightning with such force that it charges the ground and damages not just the target, but any nearby foes as well.

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