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It’s clear just from the shininess of his weapons and armor that Luxar wants all who behold him to know that his god is better than theirs. And the opportunity to really emphasise that point is what drives him to compete in the arena.

Luxar was born into a vibrant, multi-faith community nestling in the Altus Moderatus foothills, and was brought up to believe that all gods and all of their followers are equal. But as a young man, he began experiencing visions in which a dazzling yet soothing light told him that all this “equality among gods” stuff was blasphemy, and that he should make a pilgrimage into the mountains to seek salvation from the one true god, the Divine Light.

With the help of more visions, Luxar found his way up and through the mountains, and after a week of trekking came at last to the Temple Of Light. Upon his arrival, he set about learning the ways of the Light, and proved himself a natural in all disciplines, especially performing miracles, mounting righteous crusades, and delivering rousing, stirring sermons on the subject of the god of Light being the absolute best god bar none.

Luxar has since established himself as a leading light (pun intended) among the Temple’s disciples and, when the time came to choose a Legend to represent Light in the arena, there was really no contest.

Defense and protection are Luxar’s priorities in battle, with his Champions gaining a generous defense bonus. And if that doesn’t prove enough, he has another trick up his gold-plated sleeve. When the numbers on his team are sufficiently depleted, Luxar rouses them into a heroic last stand by healing some of their wounds and protecting them from all damage for a short time.