Religion is important to the Ice people, but there are no full-time Priests in their traditions. Instead, various other political, military and scholarly roles within Ice society have a religious aspect to them. One such role is that of a soothsayer, who calls upon the gods to reveal, and sometimes even shape, the future at his or her request. And this is how Knud made a living before being selected to represent Ice as its “Priest” in the arena.

Knud is the sneakiest of all Priests. Even sneakier than Gloomdoc the Shadow Priest, which is really saying something. Instead of directly healing allies, his restorative magic targets the ally with the lowest health and converts all damage that ally receives into healing. It’s only effective for a few seconds, but that’s usually enough to bring the recipient back from the brink of death. The really ingenious part is that the attacks the target ally receives still generate Mana, so not only do they get healed, they’re also usually able to unleash a special move right in the faces of their would-be killers.

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