The Desert is empty. Almost nothing but wide-open, sandy space for hundreds of miles in every direction. This is why the people who live there have to be exceptionally good at spotting anything that might be valuable, or else dangerous, in the otherwise completely barren expanse. So the Desert Rangers aren’t the only Desert dwellers with excellent vision, but they are the only ones who weaponize their eyesight.

Klia has as long an attack range as any Champion in the arena, meaning she can attack relentlessly and efficiently, rarely needing to waste time moving to a new firing position. Of course, this is only if her fellow Champions are able to protect her from Assassins, zombies and enemies who’ve broken through the frontline.

Her special attack is devastating if the enemy team is foolish enough to line-up in single-file in front of her. Although it’s extremely rare that opponents would do exactly that, Klia is still very effective against opponents who are deployed in a tightly packed formation.

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