Kiala’s backstory is a complicated and tragic one. But to cut an epic story very short: her lover, Niklaus, was tricked into falling in love with another woman, which made Kiala so jealous that she killed him, only later discovering that he had been tricked. She then sought out powerful magic to bring him back to life, but only partially succeeded. The best she can now do is summon a fragment of Niklaus’ spirit to fight alongside her for a few moments at a time. It’s a very sad tale indeed.

But, looking on the bright side, Niklaus’ spirit is an excellent summon spell. Because of his long range, he can usually start attacking as soon as he is summoned, and Kiala can be deployed safely and effectively at the rear of a formation. The only downside of Niklaus is that, unlike most other summons, he doesn’t provide melee support to his Summoner, making Kiala vulnerable to direct enemy attacks.

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