The Imperial Shock Troops are a special regiment trained to penetrate enemy lines and disrupt their formations as much as possible. And no Imperial Shock Trooper is more dangerous, or indeed more shocking, than the mighty Idon.

Even in childhood, there were signs that Idon was destined for glory. While other children would spin on the spot until they got dizzy and fell over, Idon could keep spinning for hours with no ill effects. While at school his teachers regarded this as a useless and mildly disruptive talent, when he joined the Imperial Military Academy his potential was quickly recognized and exploited.

Now a hero of several Imperial Wars, Idon is widely known as the exception to the rule that Imperial soldiers have to fight in close, disciplined formation. His speciality is to spin wildly among the enemy, hacking to pieces anyone foolish enough to come close. The trick to deploying Idon is to make sure he’ll be in the thick of the action when he starts spinning. If he triggers when he’s in a one-to-one fight at the rearguard, the potential of his special move will go to waste.

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