Shooting a bow accurately isn’t so difficult. At least it isn’t if you’re able to take your time. The difficult part, and the thing that really counts in battle, is shooting fast without sacrificing accuracy. It’s this that separates the good Rangers from the great ones, and Hestia, without doubt, is one of the greats.

This shining star of the Imperial Archery Regiment can draw and nock an arrow, draw her bow, aim, and release in two seconds flat, and she never misses. That’s just when she’s cruising, of course. When she goes into Quick Draw mode, she shoots at three times the speed and her arrows blur into a single arced line.

Hestia isn’t the best fit for any strategy that hinges on doing heavy damage as quickly as possible, but she’s a solid, dependable ranged Champion so long as you keep her well protected. And her long range and fast attack speed make her especially useful for picking off weakened enemies before they get a chance to heal.

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