Some say that Grinwald is as old as the Forest itself. This isn’t quite true, but he is fond of telling the Forest’s tallest, strongest trees that he can remember when they were just little saplings. Talking to trees, by the way, is perfectly normal behavior among Forest folk.

Grinwald’s role within the Forest community is to forecast and, whenever possible, control the weather. It’s thanks to him that the Forest flourishes and that, in the event of extreme weather conditions, the Forest folk can prepare and protect their environment with plenty of advance warning.

Among the Forest Champions, Grinwald is the one who best represents the balance they maintain between the destructive and restorative powers of nature. He can conjure a fearsome whirlwind around himself that heals nearby allies and stuns adjacent enemies, sending them flying backwards. So smart commanders like to get him into the centre of the action where his power is most effective, but this is easier said than done without exposing him to danger.

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