Life in the Forest is so rich and diverse that it’s relatively common to encounter a completely unique creature totally unlike anything else ever seen. Grenwar’s fearsome loyal steed is one such creature.

By way of a rite of passage, Grenwar was sent into the Forest to survive alone for a full month. During that month, he came to a small, rocky clearing in which roamed a huge ferocious beast, the like of which Grenwar had never heard of, never mind seen with his own eyes. The strange beast tried to tear Grenwar limb from limb, but he was already a skilled wrangler and succeeded in taming the creature with only a few scratches and bruises to show for it.

Grenwar named his fearsome new steed Treyhoond, and since then the pair have been best friends. They’re now a formidable team in the arena, and even without Treyhoond, Grenwar can defend himself capably thanks to his Shockwave ability, which damages adjacent enemies, knocking them back in all directions.

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