Prior to his murder at the hands of a Shadow Assassin, Gravelord was the Archbishop Justus Villamnis of Magnanium, the highest ranking member of the Empire’s own religious order. Villamnis had been a popular but controversial Archbishop, and had spoken out publicly against the Empire’s aggressive expansionist policies. Officially, his murder is an unsolved crime. Unofficially, it’s pretty obvious what happened.

While most Priests draw their healing power from nature or from a benevolent god, Gravelord employs the much more efficient method of stealing life force directly from his enemies and channeling it to his allies. He has the power to steal not just Health, but also Mana, meaning that the healed ally has a good chance of launching a strong counter attack against whoever it was that nearly killed them in the first place. This, like most other Undead abilities, gives Gravelord’s team a strong chance of enjoying a “second wind” just when their opponents think they’re defeated.

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