After years of bullying at the hands (and hooves) of other Demons, an enormous volumes of rage built up inside little Flamehorn. Until one day that rage took on a life of its own and Flamehorn transformed. In the wake of its first explosive transformation there were no witnesses left alive. No one dares bully Flamehorn any more.

Flamehorn’s fighting style is a lot like an Assassin’s, only instead of leaping nimbly across the arena and deftly slipping a dagger between its target’s ribs, it charges headlong across the arena and smashes its target – as well as any other enemies nearby – into the air. It’s a cataclysmic move when pulled off correctly. The only downside to it is the difficulty in timing it right. The transformation requires a lot of Mana, and this can mean that the charge sometimes comes a little too late, or else fails to hit a group of enemies. The best strategy, although it’s a risky one, is to deploy Flamehorn on the frontline despite its capacity to attack at range. Assuming it doesn’t get killed off early, its Mana should build quickly in the thick of the action, and its stampede can strike with maximum effect.

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