Eishan was once a habitual gambler, but after a string of bad decisions and even worse luck he found himself penniless, heavily in debt, and hunted by the Shadow’s most ruthless loan sharks. The only option he had left was to seek sanctuary in the temple of Light, where he could repent for his sins in return for divine protection.

While he has now been cleansed of his sins, even the divine Light has not washed away his risk-taking streak. Every arena battle is a gamble for Eishan, thanks to his ability to hit all surrounding enemies with every third strike and convert the damage inflicted into life force for himself. The risky part is that in order to maximise the amount of life absorbed, Eishan has to be surrounded by as many enemies as possible.

As with all Blademasters, deploying Eishan alone is sentencing him to a quick death. But in a formation designed so that he ends up with two or three enemies adjacent to him, he can be absolutely deadly. His fighting style is also very much complemented by attack speed buffs, which allow him to perform his special attack more frequently.

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