Diabhal wasn’t so much born as he was propelled fully-formed from the bowels of the earth by a violent volcanic eruption. Since then he’s been stomping around Gladvald laying waste to pretty much everything in sight. Some of his proudest achievements include huge wildfires, enormous explosions, catastrophic tidal waves, devastating famines, and cataclysmic earthquakes

His aggression and destructiveness in the arena is often misinterpreted as a symptom of fierce competitiveness, but Diabhal is actually by far the least competitive of the arena Legends. He’s in it for the carnage, and he doesn’t care much whose side the victims of the carnage are on, but he does prefer as many of them to be Forest folk as possible. So much so that he sometimes even deploys Forest folk on his own side then loses deliberately, just to see the confused, betrayed looks on their faces as the opposing force stomps them into the arena floor.

Commanders with no interest in subtle, clever tactics are inevitably drawn to Diabhal. His strategy consists of working his Champions up into a hyper-aggressive frenzy, then unleashing fiery hell across the whole battlefield. And the great thing about fiery hell is that it destroys indiscriminately without any need to waste time thinking or aiming.

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