No one knows for sure where Deathmist came from, or even what Deathmist is, but rumors regarding the evil deeds of its past abound, whispered fearfully in the dimly lit corners of the world. It is most persistently rumored that Deathmist was a serial murderer in a previous life, one who especially enjoyed torturing his victims before killing them. After being caught and executed for his crimes, he returned to the world of the living as Deathmist. It’s unclear whether this rebirth was a reward made in return for some black magic sacrifices made in Deathmist’s previous life, or indeed a curse intended to punish it even beyond death. Either way, its evil deeds have continued unabated into its second life.

In the arena there are no limits to the depth of depravity Deathmist will sink to in order to win. In fact, given the choice between winning fairly and cheating but losing anyway, Deathmist would take cheating and losing every single time.

Deathmist is best suited to commanding not just Shadow Champions, but Assassins of all Origins. Their backstabbing ways are a perfect match for its sneaky fighting style, and it’s even partial to performing a spot of backstabbing for itself, teleporting behind weakened enemy Champions and killing them on the spot. It’s as cowardly, cruel and unsporting as it sounds, and the crowd goes absolutely nuts with applause every time it does it.

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