Shadow fiends and Assassins complement each other better than any other combination of Origin and Class. All Shadow fiends wish they could be Assassins, but only the darkest and most evil make the grade. Meanwhile, all Assassins look upon the Shadow fiends with envy. How much better they could be at their jobs if only they too had nothing but pure darkness where a soul ought to be. Darkdeath represents the point at which Shadow and Assassins intersect and it is, without doubt, an utterly perfect killer.

No other Assassin – no other Champion, in fact – is capable of chaining kills together one after the other the way Darkdeath can. It can, in theory at least, wipe out the entire enemy team one-by-one without pausing for breath. It won’t successfully chain kills in every battle, of course, but the potential to do it is always there, which is why Darkdeath is among the most feared opponents in the arena. Smart commanders aim to keep Darkdeath as safe as possible during the early stages of a battle as it’s later on, against numerous weakened enemies, that it is at its most effective.

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