Cydar is proof, if any were needed, that the Forest folk aren’t quite as peaceful and harmonious as they first appear. After all, she’s an Assassin. She doesn’t sneak up behind people and plunge six inches of peace and harmony into their backs. No, it’s six inches of steel. And it’s deadly.

Her trusty twin daggers can be thrown as well as plunged, and Cydar’s at her most effective when attacking from a distance. She’s also able to keep targets at a safe distance by fixing them to the ground with strong, thorny roots. As well as immobilising the target, the roots also grip tight enough to do heavy damage.

In order to increase the chances that Cydar will be able to keep her distance from enemies, smart commanders deploy her alongside other Assassins to decrease the chances that she’ll be engaged at close range as soon as she lands on the far side of the arena.

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