Unlike most Demons, Boruk was not spawned into existence by a volcano. In fact, he used to be human, albeit a human with an inhuman temper. One morning, he got into an argument with the local baker over the price of a pork pie, and sensed his temper rising up inside him. It was a familiar feeling, but this time something was different. He didn’t fly into a furious rage. There was no shouting, screaming, cursing, or criminal damage inflicted upon the baker or his shop. No, this time Boruk simply burst into flames, then immediately ran out of the shop and disappeared from sight.

Boruk’s persistent rage had finally taken over, transforming him into a demonic form from which there would be no return. But he soon found a new home in the arena, a place in which he finally feels like he belongs. His temper tantrums are more destructive than ever, but also more useful. When he flies into a rage, any nearby enemies are left stunned and burned, making him a useful frontline Champion, but one that needs to be supported by healers and other strong frontline fighters in order to ensure he doesn’t die before unleashing his fury.

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