Bersek is a member of an elite covert unit that serves as Glacia’s eyes and ears. His job is to seek out and identify the royal family’s detractors and enemies, and… deal with them. Sometimes this merely entails the confiscation or destruction of property, perhaps some intimidation or kidnapping here and there, but Bersek has always been of the opinion that the surest way to remove a potential threat is to kill it.

During times of war, Bersek infiltrates enemy positions, sabotaging equipment and supplies, and assassinating influential soldiers and officers. The hard part is getting out alive and, since thawing out, Bersek has developed an extremely effective escape method: he slides out on a path of ice.

This technique is a perfect fit in the arena where, unlike other Assassins, Bersek doesn’t get stuck behind enemy lines and surrounded. He’s able to dash back and forth across the arena, damaging the health and slowing the movement of anyone that tries to pursue him. He doesn’t have quite the “sudden strike” power of other Assassins, but he makes up for it by being much, much harder to pin down and kill.

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