Mythic Legends Wiki

Champions are placed on the tiles of the arena at the beginning of battle, and when battle begins, they fight and move around the arena automatically.

Outcome of the battle depends on:

  • The number of Champions (the side with more Champions has an advantage)
  • The level of the Champions (Champions upgraded to higher levels have an advantage)
  • Placement of Champions (for example: placing Knights and Blademasters at the front and placing ranged units at the back is a common tactic)
  • The level of the Legend (the side with the higher level Legend has an advantage because they can support more Champions in the arena)
  • The rarity of Champions and the Legend (power increases with rarity)
  • Synergies (the side with more synergies and stronger class and origin synergies has an advantage)
  • Artifacts (the side with artefacts well-suited to their Champions and Legend will have an advantage)

Fighting, movement, and the casting of spells, abilities and artifacts all occur automatically.

After every battle, a selection of rewards such as artifacts or Champion Cards become available.


Legends guide Champions in the arena and oversee battle from their pedestals on either side of the board. One Legend leads a team of Champions and influences the performance of those Champions through their passive and triggered abilities. Passive abilities boost Champions throughout battle, whereas triggered abilities need to be activated.

The amount of Champions a Legend can guide in the arena depends on their level. The higher the level, the more Champions they can support. The maximum amount of Champions a Legend can support is 15, and every Legend has the capacity to reach Level 15 and support 15 Champions.

Levelling up Legends also improves their Health and their abilities. Legends can be selected, but they cannot be changed during a battle. Legends can work with any combination of Champions.

Legends have Health, just as Champions do, and every time a battle is lost in a Classic Tournament, the Health of the Legend is diminished.


Every Champion belongs to an Origin and a Class. Like Legends, Champions have rarity, and rarer Champions have better stats.

Stats are comprised of:

  • Health (When Health falls to zero, the Champion is eliminated from battle)
  • Defense (This is how much Damage a Champion can receive from enemy attacks)
  • Damage (The amount of Damage the Champion can deal to an opponent)
  • DPS (Damage per second)
  • Attack Range (The range i.e. number of tile that the Champion can deal damage across)
  • Attack Speed (The time the Champion pauses for between attacks)


Artifacts are buffs (boosts) that are awarded after battles. They last for the duration of one tournament, and at the end of a tournament, they are automatically exchanged for prestige. Duplicates always fuse to become more powerful versions of the original artifact.

See full list of Artifacts.


Every Champion belongs to an Origin and a Class. If more than one Champion of the same Origin or Class is placed in the arena, an Origin or Class synergy is created. Synergies provide buffs (boosts) to Champions and enhance performance.

One Champion of the same Origin or Class can be enough to create a synergy, but, usually, two or more are needed. Some synergies have several levels, for example: 2 Undead Champions are needed to activate the level 1 Undead Synergy, 4 are needed for level 2 and 6 are needed for level 3.

Synergies get deactivated when enough Champions are removed from the battle board before the battle, but not if Champions are eliminated during the battle.


Reward Cards[]

Reward cards are usually found in reward chests. They contain both currency and Character Cards.

Character Cards[]

Character Cards unlock new Champions and Legends. They can be found in reward cards and chests, or awarded after battle. Duplicate cards can be used to level up Champions and Legends.