The god of Light is best known for the healing, purifying, and protecting properties of his divine power. But his disciples do have a thing for dishing out justice and retribution, and so the power of Light can also be used as an instrument of punishment. No one relishes wielding the Light as an apparatus of discipline more zealously than Azrael.

He wasn’t drawn to the Temple of Light because of its purity and goodness, he was attracted by the promise of extraordinary power. And since pledging allegiance to the Light two decades ago, Azrael has performed just enough meditation and prayer to make it look like he cares, while focusing most of his time and energy into learning how to brandish the Light as a terrifying weapon.

Azrael has now mastered the art of channelling the power of the sun and casting it in front of himself in a scorching, penetrating beam. The beam does double damage, lasting a full 8 seconds. And it only stops at the arena wall, meaning it’s capable of damaging several enemies in a row, perhaps even the entire team if they’ve been foolish to line up in single file.

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