The closest any Demon can get to experiencing the joys of motherhood is to become a Summoner, and it’s not really all that close. Sure, there’s a lot of screaming and shouting during the birth, but the similarities end there. Still, soon after getting belched forth from her own spawning volcano, Asmach did develop something resembling maternal instincts, so she took to studying the complex incantations required to bring forth a ferocious Fire Beast.

Not only has Asmach now mastered the art of summoning, she also has her “baby” well trained. Which is to say that as soon as it’s brought into being, it runs wild, biting and incinerating everything in its path.

The Fire Beast is a powerful adversary indeed, but as with all Summoners, Asmach has to be deployed very carefully in order to make the most of her powers. She needs to be protected, but position her at the rear, and the Fire Beast will spawn rather pointlessly among allies. Ideally, she should be positioned as far forward as her commander dares, and flanked by defensive units. Leave a space in front of her and the Fire Beast should spawn in that space when the time comes.

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