Widely regarded as the greatest general that ever lived, Artus rose to fame as a young soldier at various key battles of the First Imperial War, earning himself a reputation as a “one man army”. He captured hills, knocked down castle walls, sank warships… all single-handedly.

Rising through the military hierarchy extremely rapidly, he attained the rank of general after just a few years of service. His reputation as a fearless, stalwart soldier ensures the absolute loyalty of the legions under his command, all of whom trust faithfully in his decisiveness, cunning and sharp tactical instincts. In battle he’s often outnumbered, rarely outsmarted, and never outdone. Many thousands have been scattered and slaughtered by his legions.

These days, Artus divides his time between Imperial conquest and upholding the glory of the Empire in the arena. Champions under Artus’ command should expect firm discipline and strong defensive tactics, and can be assured that, should things not be going their way, their leader won’t be afraid to leap axe-first into the thick of the action himself.

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