Mythic Legends Wiki

Critical Hit : 1⭐️ = 10%. 2⭐️ = 25%. 3⭐️ = 50%

Attack Speed : 1⭐️ = 10%. 2⭐️ = 25%. 3⭐️ = 50%

Icon Name Description
Health Gain All Champions gain Health.

1⭐️ = 10%

2⭐️ = 25%

3⭐️ = 50%

Damage Increase All Champions gain Critical Hit.

1⭐️ = 10%

2⭐️ = 25%

3⭐️ = 50%

Defense Boost All Champions gain Defense.

1⭐️ = 100%

2⭐️ = 450%

3⭐️ = 900%

Plated Armor The Health of each ally Knight on the board is increased.
Shadow Blade All Assassins' Damage increased when not attacking from front.
Longbow Each arrow sets target on fire for 2 seconds,

dealing 2% Maximum Health Damage every second.

Sword of Strenght Each 5th successful hit in a row triggers enrage where

Attack Speed is increased.

Dark Magic.png
Dark Magic Sorcerers and allies around them gain Mana regeneration.
Empire Crown.png
Empire Crown Empire Champions gain Defense if close to other Empire Champions.
Desert Amulet.png
Desert Amulet Once per battle, Desert Champions instantly fill Mana when they have low HP.
Achillies Armor.png
Achilles Armor A random Champion gains Defense at the start of the battle.
Helm of Awe.png
Helm of Awe A random Champion gains Attack Speed at the start of the battle.
Ring of Wrath.png
Ring of Wrath Your Legend gains boosted Abilities.
Ice Storm.png
Ice Storm
Freezes arena and enemy Champions suffer diminished Health and Movement Speed.
Way of the Dragon.png
Way of the Dragon Replaces lowest level friendly Champion on board with a ranged Dragon.
Bone Charm.png
Bone Charm When an Undead Champion dies, it stays alive for additional seconds.
Wooden Necklace.png
Wooden Necklace Forest Champions heal every second when close to other Forest Champions.
Golden Necklace.png
Golden Bracelet When a Light Champion dies, close allies become invulnerable.
Rusty Chain.png
Rusty Chain With each non-Demon ally death, the Attack Speed of Demons is increased.
White Gemstones.png
White Gemstones Ice Champions have an increased chance of stunning enemies for 1 second with every hit.
Black Cape.png
Black Cape Shadow Champions dodge every attack, but cannot dodge Abilities.
Magic Staff.png
Magic Staff With every non-Priest ally death, the healing abilities of Priests are increased.

Beast Trinket.png
Beast Trinket All Beastmasters have an increased chance of blocking every hit from the front or side.

Iron Rod.png
Steel Gauntlets.png
Steel Gauntlets Shapeshifter Champions have an increased chance of critical hit after shapeshifting.
Draconite Explodes on death, dealing Health Damage to enemies 1 tile away.
Merlins Staff.png
Merlins Staff 1 friendly Champion receives a Mana regeneration boost.
Tarnhelm 1 random Champion cannot be targeted at start of battle for several seconds.
Aegis Shield.png
Aegis Shield Champion is resurrected with a percentage of their Health on death.
Ring of Generosity.png
Ring of Metamorphosis The first reroll in every battle is free.
Ring of Protection.png
Ring of Protection Reduces Damage received on Legend’s losing battle.
Ring of Opportunity.png
Ring of Opportunity All Artifacts you posses turn into random Artifacts of equal or higher rarity.
Ring of Destruction.png
Ring of Destruction Creates extra Damage on Legend’s winning battle.
Ring of Fellowship.png
Ring of Fellowship Additional Champion slot for one tournament.
Dead Walking.png
Dead Walking Turns 2 random enemy Champions into zombies for 10 seconds.
Tornado Moves around the arena for 5s, deals 15% damage and disarms every enemy in its path for 3s
Barrage Arrows strike the arena on a random spot damaging all enemies within a 3 tile radius.
Backdoor Cut.png
Backdoor Cut Fires a beam dealing Health Damage to the 2 rear lines which lowers their hit rates.
Scorched Earth.png
Scorched Earth Fires flames dealing Health Damage to the 2 front lines.
Mystery Curse.png
Mystery Curse Casts a random curse at the beginning of battle.
Mind Control.png
Mind Control Forces 1 random enemy Champion to fight for your side for several seconds.