Aisha’s path towards the Light began when she was struck by lightning as a girl. Most people who get struck by lightning experience severe burns, heart attacks, brain damage, or occasionally instant death. But not Aisha. All Aisha experienced was an overwhelming feeling of warmth and power. The god of Light was calling her, and she heard him loud and clear.

Her affinity for lightning has continued throughout her training as a Light Ranger, and she’s earned a reputation for being able to strike like a bolt from on high. While most people struck by lightning survive, the same can’t be said of Aisha’s targets. This is partly because she powers her special strikes up so that they do extra damage, but mainly because she always targets them at foes who are near death anyway. This might seem like a waste of divine power, but Aisha’s belief is that it’s always best to be sure. There’s nothing worse than assuming an enemy is finished, only for them to get healed just a second later.

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